Sep 242014

To coincide with the fifth anniversary of the foundation of SELVA, a book showcasing the fauna of the Darién and Urabá regions of north-west Colombia was published. “Darién y Urabá – Fauna al Descubierto” is the first book produced by SELVA and it forms part of the activities of the project “Crossing the Caribbean”, funded by the Rufford Small Grants Foundation. The purpose of the publication is not only to raise awareness of the remarkable fauna of the region it covers but also to provide local communities, who have the potential to benefit from wildlife tourism, with both a guide and a product to offer. Indeed, guide associations and organizations from six communities will receive guides to sell to visiting tourists and 100% of the profits from this first edition will go to the local communities in order to develop their infrastructure for tourism, buy equipment and support their livelihoods. For this reason, if you want to obtain a copy of the book, you will have to visit either Marimonda, Lechugal or Bocas del Atrato in Antioquia, or San Francisco, Capurganá and Sapzurro in Chocó.

The printing of the first edition was funded by the Rufford Small Grants Fund and the Asociación Colombiana de Zoología. The book was produced with the help of the Reserva Tacarcuna and Ecohuellas and with the approval of the consejos comunitarios of Sapzurro, Capurganá, San Francisco and Bocas del Atrato.

You can download a sample of the book here.