The SELVA team


SELVA’s team of professionals have experience in leading processes including the design, development and implementation of research projects focused on biodiversity and natural resource conservation.

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Nanos EN4

Ignacio Gómez Montes MSc. RIP

Socio-Economic Advisor & Legal Representative (2010-2015)

Economist from the University of the Andes, Colombia. Specialist in negotiation and international relations with a Masters in International Affairs. He had experience in analysis, evaluation and research in macroeconomic, commercial, political, sector related and institutional themes in Colombia and the World. He worked for several years in the United States Embassy in Bogota, primarily undertaking research into regional economic development. Ignacio had experience in the development and management of projects in international cooperation, in the financial sector and in investment funds, and in economic, social and environmental investment projects. He worked in REDD and Payment for Environmental Services projects and was an expert in the mitigation of environmental and social impacts caused by mining and other extractive activities.


Esteban Botero Delgadillo Dr.Sc.

Applied Ecology Manager

Biologist from the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada (Colombia) and Doctor of Science form the Universidad de Chile (Chile), with experience in ornithological research, population ecology and genetics, animal behaviour and biostatistics. His interests focus on the study of phenotypic variation as a main cause of population and species ecological versatility, and hence, as a determinant of their responsiveness to different pressures and their vulnerability to extinction. To this end, Esteban seeks to determine the relationship between intra-specific variability and ecological patterns expressed at the species level and at geographic scales, combining the conceptual frameworks from evolutionary ecology and biogeography. During nine years he has focused on the design and coordination of studies on bird ecology and breeding biology. He has shared his experience in bird ringing, data analysis and experimental design, participating as an instructor in courses and workshops for increasing regional capacity in ecological research.

Maria Isabel Moreno MSc.

Focal & Threatened Species Manager

Biologist from the Universidad Nacional, Colombia, with a specialisation in Geographic Information Systems from the Universidad Districto and the Instituto Geographico Agustín Codazzi. Her principle interests are to establish conservation priorities and manage the biodiversity of Colombia bearing in mind the goods and services that ecosystems offer to humanity, and to design and implement monitoring and evaluation strategies for biodiversity conservation plans. Maria Isabel has ten years of experience directing research projects and programs focused on the conservation of priority groups at national and regional levels, primarily involving the monitoring of migratory and threatened birds. She also has experience in the management and interchange of information concerning biological resources and has participated actively in local capacity building by delivering biodiversity monitoring courses. Maria Isabel has been active in international bird conservation circles as a member of various initiatives and technical working groups primarily focused on migratory birds.

Natalia Sanz de Santamaría MSc.

Environmental Education Manager

Biologist from Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, USA, with a focus on Conservation Biology and a Masters in Environmental Conservation and Education from the University of New York (NYU). Natalia has experience in environmental education and outdoor activities with children, adolescents and adults, in the evaluation of education programs and assisting with research programs for mammal conservation in Africa. Natalia is interested in education and communication initiatives to complement research projects, thereby linking rural and urban communities and giving them the skills to conserve their own environment.

Nick Bayly PhD.

Migratory Species Manager

Ornithologist trained at the University of Oxford, UK, with a doctorate from the University of Sussex, UK, where he studied bird migration. His main interests include the determination of bird migration strategies to facilitate the conservation of habitats on which the success of migration depends and in the development of multi-level approaches to biodiversity conservation that take into account ecosystem services and the value of agricultural systems managed to enhance biodiversity.

Nick has extensive experience in undertaking ornithological surveys and research and is a certified bird ringer and trainer for the British Trust of Ornithology. He has been managing research projects in the Neotropics since 2007 and has a wealth of experience in data analysis, including survival analysis and modelling ecological processes. Nick has devoted considerable time to capacity building, especially in terms of ornithological research, leading courses in Belize, Colombia and Chile.

Camila Gómez  (PhD. Student)


PhD student and Biologist from the University of the Andes, Colombia, with experience in ornithological research. She is interested in animal ecology, migration and conservation, particularly where it concerns connections between macro-ecological processes at the global level and the phenomenon of changes in the composition and behaviour of fauna. She has experience in designing, implementing and publishing scientific studies at the international level and looks to build and participate in initiatives that cross borders through research and conservation in the Neotropics.


Ana Gonzalez_SelvaAna María Gonzalez  (PhD student)


Biologist trained at the University of Tolima, Colombia, and with a Masters in Biological Sciences from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she is currently studying for her PhD. Ana is interested in identifying the factors that limit populations of migratory birds throughout their annual cycle, with a special focus on their Neotropical wintering grounds, and to understand how these factors interact and affect migratory strategies and population dynamics. Ana has extensive experience in monitoring techniques for birds and is a certified bird bander and trainer (NABC). Ana has worked to increase capacity in bird monitoring and ethical bird banding internationally through her participation in certification courses for banders and trainers in the US, Canada and Costa Rica; and through leading banding courses in Chile and Peru.


Valentina Gómez-Bahamón MSc.


Biologist from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, with experience in studies of avian ecology and conservation. Valentina’s research interests include studying the factors and ecological interactions that determine bird distributions and habitat choice. She aims to combine these interests to generate conservation strategies based on the pressures that mold species distributions, factors that affect habitat choice, and the vulnerability of individuals and populations to current threats.  One of her goals is to study the possible indicators that allow for the determination of the conservation status of threatened species. Valentina is also an experienced bird bander, trained in the UK and with field experience in Colombia and Peru.

Sandra Escudero MSc.


Biologist from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, with experience in research and conservation of mammals. She has worked for 8 years in biology and ecology projects of various groups and has studied the effects of human intervention on mammal species. Her interests include macroecological research to generate conservation strategies that help maintain the ecological processes that have promosted diversity at the biome, ecosystem and community scales. Sandra has recently completed a Masters degree in Wilderness Areas and Nature Conservation at the University of Chile.