Biodiversity & Global change


Our planet’s ecosystems provide mankind with countless services essentially free of charge, such as clean water and the fertilisation of crops. These services, which are worth billions of dollars a year, are rapidly being degraded and impacted by climate change. We are already witnessing graves effects, such as species extinction, reduced soil fertility and a marked reduction in natural pollination services. Many of the effects we are witnessing can be described as “biodiversity loss”.

Such biodiversity loss often translates into a loss of environmental services. These are affected by decreases in the capacity of species associated with agro-ecosystems and productive models to deliver key services such as pollination and pest control, and in the detriment and loss of resources used by humans such as water, fertile soil, biomass and food. To this we can add the loss of cultural and landscape resources of indescribable value.

Aware of this scenario, SELVA designs research projects that link biodiversity to the enviromental services it provides and to facilitate initiatives involving clean development mechanisms (CDM), payment for ecosystem services (PES) and climate change mitigation mechanisms such as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD).