Applied Ecology


Beyond explaining the relationships between organisms and their environment, the science of ecology has aimed to identify patterns and processes that generate variation in species abundance, distribution and diversity at different scales. The search for such processes and patterns, with the aim of understanding how ecosystems and communities function, is a fundamental tool of conservation science.

By understanding the ecological requirements of species and their interactions, SELVA looks to transcend the theoretical focus of ecology. The goal is to extend and apply findings to the design and execution of effective strategies for the conservation of the most threatened ecosystems and species, and those sites where functional diversity and ecological processes require special attention.

Currently SELVA’s Applied Ecology research area is developing the following research programs:

  1. Biogeography and Conservation
  2. Functional Ecology and Andean Diversity

The Manager of SELVA’s Applied Ecology research area is Dr. Esteban Botero Delgadillo (