Friends of SELVA


The Friends of SELVA are all those individuals who share SELVA’s mission and vision, and who want to support our initiatives in different ways.

Benefits of becoming a Friend of SELVA include:

  • Having access to information about all of SELVA’s activities, findings and achievements.
  • An opportunity to give opinions, ideas and suggestions about SELVA’s activities.
  • Make donations to support SELVA’s work.
  • Obtain a discount on the Biologist’s Professional Card (in Colombia).
  • Obtain discounts on SELVA’s training courses and products.

The responsibilities that come with being a Friend of SELVA are:

  • Contributing with SELVA’s annual membership fee.
  • Promoting the good image of SELVA.
  • Sharing SELVA’s mission and vision to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the Neotropics.

To become a Friend of SELVA you must:

  • Share SELVA’s mission and vision.
  • Voluntarily state the desire to become a Friend of SELVA or be invited by one of SELVA’s Active Members.
  • Receive an official acceptance from SELVA’s Legal Representative.
  • Pay SELVA’s annual membership fee.
  • Contact SELVA to receive a registration form: info @  (without spaces)