About us


SELVA is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation founded in Colombia by seven individuals who dedicate their lives to research and conservation in the Neotropics.

Our mission is to undertake rigorous scientific research programs that facilitate the design, promotion and implementation of conservation actions for the benefit of the biodiversity and people of the Neotropics. To ensure that research outcomes are effectively translated into conservation solutions, we have a complimentary education and outreach program aimed at enhancing communication with stakeholders.

SELVA’s primary research areas include threatened species, biodiversity & ecosystem services, climate change, migratory species, and applied ecology. SELVA also offers a wide range of services including training in research techniques, biodiversity surveys, protected area management plans, threatened species action plans and GIS solutions.

SELVA actively seeks collaborations in all areas of its work and welcomes proposals from individuals interested in carrying out projects with SELVA, provided they are within the scope of SELVA’s mission.

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To contact SELVA regarding memberships, collaborations or with project proposals please write to: info@selva.org.co

SELVA is a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Chamber of Commerce, Colombia. NIT 900338513-3