Aug 222016


Between the 16-20 August 2016, the largest gathering of ornithologists to date took place in Washington DC and it was a great privilege for SELVA to be part of the event and to present much of our work on Neotropical migratory birds. It was a fascinating week in which countless ground breaking studies were shown for the first time, ranging from range-wide models of winter occupancy for the steeply declining Golden-winged Warbler, to some of the first full life-cycle population models for any migrant – showing how rates of mortality on spring migration are similar to those during the post-fledgling period e.g. very high!

SELVA researchers or close collaborators presented no less than nine talks, including a look at temporal variation in the diet of Gray-cheeked Thrush through cutting-edge isotopic techniques; the migratory connectivity of Canada Warblers overwintering in the Colombian Andes; as well as fascinating results from migrants tagged with radiotransmitters in Colombia and tracked through the Motus array, and a detailed investigation of the migration of Canada Warbler through the Darién.

Finally, we attended both the Canada Warbler and Prothonotary Warbler working groups, giving us a chance to highlight the existing science on these species of concern and the threats they are facing.


List of presentations:

Bayly, N., Cespedes, L. & Hobson, K. The elevational distribution and winter ecology of the Canada Warbler in the Andes of Colombia: the basis for defining conservation priorities.

Bayly, N. Migration stopover strategies within the Neotropics: filling the black hole in our knowledge of annual cycles.

Cardenas-Ortiz, L., Bayly, N. & Hobson, K. Fall migration and migratory connectivity of Canada Warbler moving through northern Colombia.

Gomez, C., Ibañez, A., Popp, B., Hobson, K. & Cadena, D. Metabarcoding and compound-specific stable isotope analysis of amino acids reveal how diet shapes the migratory strategies of birds.

Gomez, C., Bayly, N., Mackenzie, S. Taylor, P., Hobson, K. & Cadena, D. A coordinated radio-telemetry system tracks the intercontinental flights of migratory songbirds.

Gonzalez, A., Bayly, N. Colorado, G. & Hobson, K. Migratory connectivity of the Canada Warbler unveiled using stable isotopes analysis of feathers.

Gonzalez, A., Bayly, N. & Hobson, K. Energetic importance of forest vs shade-grown coffee as winter habitat for Neotropical migrants.

Gonzalez, A., Bayly, N., Mackenzie, S. & Hobson, K. The gift that keeps on giving: using Motus tags on wintering migrant birds in Colombia.

Sanchez-Clavijo, L., Quintana-Ascencio, P & Bayly, N. Habitat-specific demography for resident birds in tropical agroforestry systems: is there evidence for ecological traps?