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Dr. Esteban Botero-Delgadillo – Project Director and Researcher

One of the project’s co-creators, Esteban has lead this initiative since 2010. His main interest is to study the connection between the vulnerability to extinction of Andean avifauna with various aspects of their natural history, evolutionary history and distribution. His experience with Pyrrhura parakeets began in 2006, and since then Esteban has been involved in various projects related to Andean parrots and in leading a compilation of all the information produced to date on all threatened Colombian parrots in the manuscript ‘Current Knowledge and Conservation of Colombia’s Threatened Parrots’. Esteban is also co-author of the ‘Colombian Threatened Parrot Conservation Action Plan 2010-2020. Since 2009 he started working with climatic niche modelling to obtain a deeper insight into the biogeographic history of various bird groups, and with his colleagues, has developed more accurate methods to predict species’ distributions.

Carlos Andrés Páez – Scientific Advisor and Researcher

As one of the project’s co-creators, Andrés has supported this initiative since 2010 with his enormous experience. Despite interests in developing monitoring programs that use biodiversity as indicators to structure effective conservation strategies at different spatial scales, he has been working with parrots for more than five years. Andrés has extensive experience of Colombia’s threatened parrots, having directed research projects for all threatened species and acting as co-author of the ‘Colombian Threatened Parrot Conservation Action Plan 2010-2020′. Three years ago, he began working with colleagues to develop methods that increase the accuracy of species’ distribution models, and has recently carried out studies on the potential effects of climate change on Andean faunas.

Jeyson Sanabria-Mejía – Researcher Phase II “Pyrrhura caeruleiceps Group”

Researcher for Phase II of the project, Jeyson has been in charge of the field expeditions and initial studies of the ecology of Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps. Jeyson is a biologist from the Universidad del Tolima and has worked with Andean parrots for over five years. Jeyson has valuable field experience with more than four threatened species of Colombian parrots, working on different projects focused on determining population status, ecological requirements and reproductive biology.



Besides team members, others has been supporting the project through their valuable advice, sharing valuable information and opinions, or supporting fieldwork.

Project Advisors: René Wüst, Dr. Nicholas Bayly, Dr. José Tella.

Project Contributors: María Isabel Moreno, Adriana Mayorquín, Juan Pablo López, Rocío Espinosa, Luis. F. Cáceres, Cristobal Navarro, Yurgen Vega, Cristian Flórez-paí, Yuri Rosero-Mora, Luis G. Linares, Johana Zuluaga, Miguel Mejía, Pedro Pablo Contreras, Daniel Rodríguez, Ramiro Álvarez.