May 012011

On the 29th April, the SELVA research team that operates the Crossing the Caribbean migration monitoring site in Darién, recaptured an individual of Alder Flycatcher with a federal USGS band of number 2560-34131. After reporting it to the North American database, we learned that this bird was banded on the 24th August 2009 in the Yukon Territory, Canada (7300 km from the Darien!). The North American Bird Banding lab recently informed us that this is the longest movement recorded ever for either an Alder of Willow Flycatcher.

This is the first international recapture for the Crossing the Caribbean Project, and also a very important record for this species which carries out one of the longest migrations in the Western Hemisphere. With more than 5000 migrant birds banded by Crossing the Caribbean in Colombia since 2009, we hope to receive reports of birds recaptured in North America as well. More information