Nov 292010

The III Congreso Colombiano de Zoología in Medellín was a great success. The event was attended by more than 2500 participants who shared their knowledge in all areas of zoology during the week long conference. The organisation of the event was excellent and the results of this important meeting will no doubt be seen in future research projects and alliances in the country.

SELVA participated in the congress with four presentations, three during a migratory bird symposium in which Nick Bayly, Camila Gómez and Laura Cárdenas divulged results from the project Crossing the Caribbean, while Esteban Botero presented the project ‘Biogeography of the genus Pyrrhura in Colombia’ in a symposium on the modelling of ecological niches. 

During the migratory bird symposium organised by SELVA and with the collaboration of Luis Germán Naranjo from WWF Colombia, 12 researchers from 7 different institutions presented ongoing projects on migratory birds in Colombia and an interesting discussion on the future challenges in this field was held. The conclusions from this symposium will be gathered together in a publication that is currently in preparation and that we hope will serve as a point of reference for many in the near future.