Oct 192010

Recently, the team from the project “Biogeography of Pyrrhura in Colombia”, received permission to Access an important database with paleoclimatic data which will be essential to accomplish the first phase of the Project. It is the data base from the “PALEOCLIMATE MODELLING INTERCOMPARISON PROJECT” (PMIP 2), an enormous initiative that as well as having its own concrete objectives (http://pmip2.lsce.ipsl.fr/), allows organizations and researchers to Access the data bases that result from their work, through a formal application to their committee. After evaluating the proposals and the viability of the information requested, they allow the team to access their data base, be part of a discussion forum and share the progress of the project.

A few months back, the SELVA Project team defined that the first phase of this Project would have to include the modeling of distribution of Pyrrhura species and determination of their biogeographic patterns. This is why they submitted an application to the PMIP 2 committee. The acceptance will allow the team to access data from weather layers of the last maximum glacial and the mid-Holocene periods. The link to the PMIP 2 page where there is a description of objectives and methods is as follows: http://pmip2.lsce.ipsl.fr/analyses/#analysis_179

Very soon, during the “III Congreso Colombiano de Zoología” results from this first phase of the Project will be publicly presented to the scientific community.

To see more information about this SELVA Project please click here